The Environmental Health Project for Autism

A former teacher in the Broward County Schools system in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Jan Goldner now concentrates on charitable work under the motto Paying It Forward Everyday. In addition to her volunteer efforts, Jan Goldner supports the work of organizations such as the Autism Society.

The Autism Society founded the Environmental Health Project in 2006 in order to evaluate environmental concerns affecting public health, particularly the development of autism. The Environmental Health Advisory Board manages the project and currently takes its leadership from cochairs Martha Herbert, M.D., Ph.D., and David Humphrey.

Through all of its programs, the Autism Society aims to improve the lives of those with autism and prevent its development among those at risk. The Environmental Health Project focuses on the environmental factors such as exposure to heavy metals and other toxins, which may contribute to the increased numbers of autism diagnoses. For more information about this project, visit