Delicate Balance to Open in Fall 2014

Jan Goldner currently serves as the CEO of My Own Life, where she focuses her efforts on pursuing random acts of kindness and volunteering with a variety of enterprises. Her previous experience includes teaching at Broward County Schools in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In her leisure time, Jan Goldner enjoys the theater in New York.

On November 20th, 2014, A Delicate Balance, which won a Pulitzer Prize, will open at the John Goldman Theater in New York City, following previews beginning a month earlier. Considered by some to be Edward Albee’s finest play, the dark comedy will feature Glen Close and John Lithgow as the married couple Agnes and Tobias.

A Delicate Balance tells the tale of an upper middle-class couple, Agnes and Tobias, who decide to open up their home to friends and family in need only to find themselves struggling with the challenges that brings. Those they welcome include Agnes’ alcoholic sister, Claire, their daughter after the end of her fourth marriage, and their best friends.

A Delicate Balance runs for approximately 2 hours and 55 minutes with two intermissions.